Your Wastewater System

Your wastewater system

Improper Septic System Maintenance Will Cost You Money

Correct septic system maintenance involves doing what is necessary to assure that there is a proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. If the balance is upset, the system will begin to fail often resulting in the need for costly correction. Why does this occur?

Over time a neglected system will stop working. Failure of a system may result in sluggishness, surface breakouts in the leachfield, or the complete clogging of the system causing backups.

A system that is not working properly needs to be corrected because it may be releasing pathogens and non-decomposed sewage into the surrounding environment; consequently a failed system may not meet health codes. Many neglected systems are beyond simple repair and replacing a septic system using a certified contractor is a costly endeavor, which may result in the expenditure of thousands of dollars. Health codes and other legislation such as, system sizing requirements continually become more and more strict, thereby driving up the costs of replacing an entire system.

Avoiding a system failure is therefore the best way of eliminating costly repair or replacement bills. To avoid problems with your septic system it is necessary to understand how a system works and how it needs to be maintained. Failure of a system may be caused by:

  • The biological balance of beneficial bacteria in the septic tank being disturbed.
  • Excessive sludge build up in the septic tank.
  • The release of solids into the drainfield.

The result of the above may cause simple sluggishness, messy backups, and/or unsightly, often odorous surface breakouts in your yard.

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