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Bacterial Treatments

Bacterial treatments are the safe and economical way to treat a variety of plumbing problems whether you have a municipal or septic/cesspool system. Roebic has been developing and formulating bacterial treatments for over 50 years. These eco-friendly products are an effective alternative to so many caustic and hazardous products on the market today.

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Drain Openers

There are times when pipes and drains are so clogged and backed up that a chemical product is necessary to resolve the problem. Roebic's professional drain openers are designed to dissolve the toughest of clogs in drains and pipes.

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Root Killers

Trees that follow a municipal or septic line can potentially create the problem of roots getting into lines and creating major back ups and system malfunctions. Roebic has two root killers that can prevent future problems.

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Recreational Products

For RVs and boats, Roebic's recreational products can resolve the odors and build up that occur in tanks, drains, and pipes. These products do not contain methyl alcohol or formaldehyde so they are safe to use.

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