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Main Lines, Sewer Lines, Drains & Traps

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Organic build-up in sewer lines, main lines, drains, and traps can lead to slow drainage, or if left untreated; will cause clogs and messy back-ups. Our powerful, yet noncorrosive, bacterial based drain cleaning products are specifically designed to target sludge and other organic debris deposited in these areas and to keep all drains, traps, sewer and main lines running freely.

K-27 Garbage Disposal Cleaner
K-67 Drain and Trap Cleaner
K-67 Granular Drain and Trap Cleaner
K-87 Soap, Grease, and Paper Digester
K-97 Main Line Cleaner


Septic Tanks, Cesspools, & Aerated Treatment Units

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In a properly functioning system, these structures are where solids and other septic wastes are broken down and treated. However, this process can be easily thrown out of balance by the use of toxic household chemicals, cleaners, pharmaceutical remnants, or even by excessive water use. Roebic's tank treatment products contain our patented bacterial cultures which promote the rapid breakdown of solids, help keep tanks open and flowing, and aid in overall system efficiency.

K-37 Granular Septic Tank Treatment
K-37 Septic Tank Treatment
K-47 Cesspool Treatment
K-57 Septic System Cleaner


Drainfields, Leachfields, Lateral lines, Infiltrators, & Seepage Pits

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Sluggish or clogged drainfields are the primary reason for septic system failure. Failure can be indicated by messy back-ups or by "black water" accumulating in the yard over the drainfield areas. Failed systems are unsightly, odorous, and can be dangerous health hazards. Proper maintenance of these system components is crucial and easy with Roebic's powerful maintenance products. For emergency situations, Roebic's K-57 will quickly clear the clog and restore the flow.

K-57 Septic System Cleaner
K-570 Leach and Drain Field Opener


Specialty Treatments