Your Wastewater System

Your wastewater system

Food Service Products

These professional strength products are specially formulated and manufactured for the institutional foodservice and hospitality industry. The toughest of problems, from grease loads, to soap and detergent build-up, offensive odors from all drains and traps can be handled with this product line.


Grease Trap Treatment

This bacterial based product was designed to work in many types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils and grease occur. The special blend of bacterial strains in this product is very effective at reducing oils and grease in: grease traps, septic tanks, cesspools, lift stations, pipes and traps. Used regularly, Grease Trap Treatment can significantly reduce the costs associated with high grease loads by biologically degrading them.


Drain & Trap Deodorizer

This product, a fine white powder, is not a perfume or masking agent, but it controls malodors by oxidizing them without the use of bleach, disinfectants, or harsh chemicals. Drain & Trap Deodorizer is excellent for controlling odors associated with all floor and sink drains. Also, It works great on "bar" area odors.


Soap Degrader

This product contains specialized bacteria capable of degrading soaps and detergents even at concentrations which are inhibitory to other bacteria. Foodservice establishments with on-site septic systems who use Soap Degrader regularly, will enjoy longer life, less pumping, and smoother operation

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