Your Wastewater System

Your wastewater system

You Have a Cesspool, Not a Septic System

The job of a cesspool is the same as that of a septic system, however, the conditions under which they work and their modes of action differ. The proper "cesspool" environment is high in oxygen compared to a septic system, therefore different bacteria are employed to do the job in this environment.

Easy Maintenance: Roebic K-47 Cesspool Treatment is a combination of spore bearing bacterial strains that work in the cesspool environment in a manner that will keep it operating properly. Consult the bottle for further directions.

If you have a sluggish or clogged cesspool Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner can help to remediate the situation and bring it back to its proper operating condition. See details under the previous section entitled "If your system seems sluggish or is clogged."

Avoid misusing your cesspool: It is important for proper maintenance of your cesspool to not misuse it. Refer to the section entitled "Avoid misusing your septic system" for further details.

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