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Roebic Laboratories – 60 Years of Innovation

Celebrating 60 Years of manufacturing

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(Orange, CT) – Roebic Laboratories, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly bacterial based sanitation products is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

Founded in 1959, in New Haven, Connecticut, by Lewis Bush, Roebic Laboratories, Inc. was established to provide consumers with environmentally friendly products to improve plumbing and sewage disposal system performance. The hardware “K” line consisting of four bacterial products to treat septic and cesspool systems as well as drains and traps were the first manufactured products. A root killer was added shortly after. Roebic continued to add to the original hardware line with 3 new biodegradable products in 1988 and two more in 1998.

In 1999, Roebic Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Roebic Laboratories, developed and patented eight new bacteria strains. As a result, Roebic launched the Food Service and Hospitality product line in 2002 and the ROETECH line of bacterial wastewater treatments in 2003 utilizing these unique bacteria. Today, sixty years after Roebic’s inception, the product line has grown to over 40 products serving numerous industries in the U.S. and worldwide.

Roebic is a leading supplier to the hardware, home center, plumbing supply, institutional food service and hospitality industries, as well as wastewater and agricultural businesses throughout the United States and foreign markets.

“Value to the consumer and regard for the environment” according to Stuart J. Bush, Chairman and CEO of Roebic, “has always been the company’s priority”. Roebic’s exclusive bacteria, technical support and their ability to develop problem-solving products are what have established Roebic as an industry leader.

“Today, Roebic Laboratories continues the tradition of creating the most technologically advanced, environmentally preferred products,” according to Derek Bush, President of Roebic and a part of the third generation of this family business.

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